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Synthetic Swarm

Verity Studios’ Synthetic SwarmTM allows the choreographed indoor flight of a large number of self-piloted drones. Motion and light effects of every drone can be precisely designed, extending the traditional palette of light, sound, stage effects, and human performers by simultaneously moving a multitude of flying objects along set choreographies in 3D space.

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Verity Studios’ system comprises self-piloted drones, a positioning system, and a control station, in addition to service infrastructure such as battery charging stations. It is a drone show system designed for installation in a multitude of indoor spaces, including theaters, arenas, and tents.

Safety and reliability

A system for live performances with multiple, self-piloted drones operating close to crowds must be carefully engineered for safety. Verity Studios’ Synthetic Swarm system has been built around safety and reliability from the bottom up.

Modular system and components with redundancies by design

All system components are redundant, resulting in a fault-tolerant system.

Fully redundant flying machines

Verity Studios’ fully redundant flying machines are engineered for safety. Critical components are duplicated and proprietary algorithms and control software enable safe emergency responses to the individual failure of any component.

High reliability

High-reliability components are used in the Synthetic Swarm system. Error-detection algorithms monitor component function, responding to errors and failures predictably and appropriately.


Proprietary algorithms allow the fully redundant flying machines to fly despite any single failure (battery failure, connector failure, motor failure, etc.). The fully redundant drone has no single point of failure.

Flying machines

Stage Flyers

Verity Studios’ Stage Flyers consist of fully redundant drones that can be dressed up in costumes to act like characters or as three-dimensional scenography, and to dance and interact with human performers. Additionally, they can become flying lights or spotlights offering unique lighting opportunities or can carry payloads including cameras, mirrors, or confetti.

For example, eight of them – dressed up as lampshades – are featured in Paramour, the Broadway show by Cirque du Soleil, and have performed more than 300 live performances with more than 5,000 autonomous take-offs, flights, and landings to date.


Verity Studios’ FireFlies are flying lights that can be used to create natural swarm-like behaviors or recognizable shapes. These choreographed movements create novel stage effects that could not be achieved otherwise. Synchronization of each drone’s lights and movement allows for the creation of intricate patterns.

By leveraging human perception of 3D structure from motion, Synthetic Swarms of FireFlies can be used for illusions of very large objects floating in space.

Bespoke Flying Machines

Verity Studios’ team has more than 15 years of experience in the design and creation of custom flying machines. Our in-house drone costume design team can help you realize your vision.

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