Drone shows

Verity Studios provides complete end-to-end drone show production services for bespoke events, theatrical productions, and entertainment shows of all types.

Drone show systems are an emergent technology with a unique set of possibilities and challenges. You can find details in the following summary document:

Creating your drone show

Concept development

Nearly all projects start with a joint creative session with your director, defining the role of show drones and their integration into the visual and musical motifs of your creative concept.

Fleet and flight space designation

Once the creative intent is established, the dimensions of the flight space will be established and a fleet of drones consisting of Lucie micro drones, Stage Flyers, or a combination of both will be designated for your event.

Stage Flyers

Verity Studios’ Stage Flyers are large (approximately 1kg / 2.2lbs), fully redundant drones that can be dressed up in costumes to act like characters or as three-dimensional scenography, and to dance and interact with human performers. Additionally, they can become flying lighting displays or spotlights, offering unique lighting opportunities, or they can carry payloads including cameras, mirrors, or confetti.


Verity Studios’ Lucie micro drones (approximately 50g / 2oz) come equipped with a programmable high-intensity RGB light, and can be used to create natural swarm-like behaviors or recognizable shapes. These choreographed movements create novel stage effects that could not be achieved otherwise. Synchronization of each Lucie’s lights and movement allows for the creation of intricate patterns.

Lucie micro drones are also part of Verity’s turnkey Synthetic Swarm system.

Costume design

Verity’s drone costume designers work with you to create bespoke, flight-tested costumes that meet your creative requirement while respecting the payload and aerodynamic constraints imposed by the drones. Have a look at their work on instagram.

Choreography design

Working closely with your show director, Verity’s flight choreography designers develop flight patterns and lighting effects that express the desired effect. The motion of the drones and their LED lights are synchronized to your soundtrack. Visualizations of your drone choreography and demo flights in Verity’s labs allow for rapid iterations based on your input.

Technical implementation

A technical team plans and manages the complete implementation of the drone show system at your event or show site.

Live show management

Verity Studios’ production team works alongside your show’s director to fine-tune the drone performance on location and manage all drone logistics during your rehearsal phase and show representations. For permanent installations and tours, Verity Studios provides training for your operators and support staff.

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