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Synthetic Swarm

Verity Studios’ Synthetic SwarmTM is a turnkey drone show system that is purpose-built for the live entertainment and events industry. It allows the controlled, indoor flight of a large number of self-piloted LuciesTM. Each Lucie micro drone is equipped with a programmable RGB light. The motions and light effects of each Lucie can be designed into a precise choreography that is synchronized using show control, providing a stunning complement to the traditional palette of light, sound, stage effects, and human performance.

Synchronization of each Lucie’s lights and motions allows for the creation of intricate patterns and novel stage effects that could not be achieved otherwise. By leveraging human perception of 3D structure from motion, Synthetic Swarms can be used to create illusions of very large objects floating in the air.

The Synthetic SwarmTM drone show system is comprised of self-piloted Lucies, a positioning system, a rack-mounted control unit, and Lucie charging stations. It is designed for a multitude of indoor spaces, including theatres, arenas, churches, and tents. Installation, calibration, and operation are quick and simple.


Lucie micro drones

  • Weight: <50g (<2oz)
  • Flight time: up to 4 minutes
  • Charging time: approximately 1 hour
  • Equipped with high–intensity, programmable RGB lights

Indoor positioning system

  • Composed of positioning modules defining the boundaries of the flight space
  • Simple setup
  • Self-calibrating
  • Interference resistant, no line of sight required
  • Suitable for stage integration

Rack-mounted control unit

  • Allows a single operator to initialize, start, stop, pause, and monitor the swarm from a graphical user interface during installation, rehearsals, and performances
  • Can be integrated with and triggered from show controls

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